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People Facing Sentencing or Prison

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Here’s How We Help

If you’re being investigated, or you’ve been charged with a crime or DWI, our courses help you start preparing for best outcomes. Position yourself for least intrusive sanction or alternative sentences. Prepare for presentence investigation interviews, mitigation plans prior to sentencing, and learn more about programs like the First Step Act that can led to your early release.

Before Sentencing

You will learn how the criminal justice system operates and how you can prepare for best outcomes. You will work more effectively with your attorney. Get effective strategies to prepare for a lower sentence.

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After Sentencing

Learn strategies that will prepare you for earliest possible release date. Get access to courses that teach you how to prepare for success upon release. Build case for highest levels of liberty, at soonest possible time.

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For Lawyers

We will feature your team and the ways that you serve people searching for qualified counsel in specific jurisdictions. Let our highly qualified leads learn about your team. Become a certified partner.

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What Others Say

If you ever get in trouble, you need to talk to Justin for wise counsel. I’ve listened to 15 or 20 of his video presentations and speeches. He has taken his experiences and paid it forward. Click here to watch the show.

Dr. Phil

Justin is co-founder of White Collar Advice. He is a federal prison consultant and an advisor, preparing people that must prepare for prison.. Click here to watch episode on college-admission scandal.

Dana Perino

During Michael Santos' 26 years in federal prisons, he read books on history and law, earned undergraduate degrees and wrote books about the criminal justice system. Click here to watch episode.

PBS NewsHour

Justin Paperny is a special consultant that specializes in advising people facing time. I see why his service is so valuable. He helps people to craft a story that may be more sympathetic to the judge before sentencing. Click here to watch story.


Justin Paperny prepares people for life behind bars. Part fixer, part advisor, and part therapist, he is uniquely qualified, with close ties to Hollywood and high-profile defense attorneys. Click here to read story.

Washington Post

He wrote more than a half a dozen books. He earned bachelors and masters degrees. Santos was speaking at the University of California at Berkeley, sharing his life story and lessons learned. Click here to watch episode.

NBC News

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How Do I…?

Understand Sentencing?

Sentencing is complicated for a lot of reasons. We create articles, videos, and podcasts to help. In our Reframe Masters course, we respond to questions.

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Influence Sentencing?

Are you facing a sentencing hearing? Then learn about steps you can take to influence the process. Our Reframe Masters course may be right for you.

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Prepare for PSR?

The presentence investigation report has enormous influence on sentencing and beyond. Join our Reframe Masters course to get answers to your questions.

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Get Ideas!

Those that prepare well can use time in prison to build an entirely new life. Success begins with preparation. We encourage you to recalibrate, using your time in prison to prepare for best outcomes.

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Learn how successful your prison journey can be if you prepare.


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