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Your family and friends know why you shouldn't go to prison. Shouldn't your judge?

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Dear Resilient Course Visitor:

How much thought have you given to your upcoming sentencing hearing? How do you anticipate the hearing will unfold?

Through our courses, we will teach you exactly what to expect. When it comes to the sentencing hearing, expect the following:

  • A prosecutor will present a well-thought-out case on why a severe sanction is warranted in your case.
  • The prosecutor will argue on the seriousness of the crime.
  • The prosecutor will argue that a severe sentence is necessary to deter other people from acting so recklessly.

Sure, your defense attorney will argue for leniency. But what tools are you giving the attorney? If you don’t do your part, you will tie your defense attorney’s hands. Basically, all he’ll be able to say is that you’re a good person, from a good family, and you’re sorry.

But is that really enough? 

What have you done to influence the judge’s decision? 

Whether you participate in the sentencing hearing or not, your judge is going to make a decision. The sentencing decision will influence the rest of your life.

In an effort to assist members of Resilient Courses, we’ve created a Character Reference course for anyone that faces a sentencing hearing.

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U.S. District Court Judge Steven Bough

Listen to what Judge Bough told our team about his thoughts on character-reference letters.


What do We Know About Character-Reference Letters?

Our team has worked with more than 1,000 people that have been sentenced for felonies, misdemeanors, and driving offenses. We know that every person that appears before a sentencing judge shares one factor in common.

They all want to receive the least-severe sanction possible. 

Unfortunately, few of those people provide well-structured and well-developed reasons on why they’re excellent candidates for mercy. 

As a strategy, we know that every person should consider launching a character-reference, letter-writing campaign. But does everyone know what they’re doing?

Most members of Resilient Courses have never been arrested before. They’ve never known anyone that needed a character-reference letter to influence a judge’s decision at sentencing. They don’t have anywhere to turn for guidance. 

Attorneys frequently tell them:

  • “Get some character-reference letters for me before the sentencing hearing.” 

But the attorneys rarely provide guidance on character-reference letters. 

  • What makes for a great letter? 
  • What does a great character-reference look like? 
  • What does a bad character-reference letter look like? 
  • How do I ask someone to write a character reference letter?
  • Who should I write to ask a character-reference letter?
  • How do I advise anyone on what to write in a character-reference letter?
  • How many character-reference letters should I generate?

If the attorney hasn’t taken the time to help a client understand the judge’s perception on character-reference letters, then where does a person turn for that guidance?

Buy Character Reference Course for $97

A person being sentenced is about to make the biggest sale of his life. Perhaps he should learn from the process that business leaders go through when they contemplate sales. First, they get to know the customer. What factors influence a customer’s buying decisions? Since business leaders have invested considerable amounts of capital to build a product, they may hire marketing teams and professional sales coaches to help them craft a message. More than anything, they want to communicate to their client in ways that will influence the buying decision of their products.

Would you say that your liberty is more or less valuable than any product? If your liberty is important, then perhaps it makes sense to understand more about what will influence a judge’s decision.

Here are the facts:

  1. Once authorities charge a person with an offense, that person becomes a defendant.
  2. Once a person becomes a defendant, people that work in the system will not see the human characteristics of a person.
  3. Prosecutors will invest time and energy to portray the defendant in the most unfavorable light possible.
  4. While a judge prepares to sentence a defendant, the prosecutor’s version of events will influence how the judge perceives the defendant.
  5. A defense attorney will argue for a lower sentence, but at the end of the hearing, the judge may not know anything about what makes the defendant a great candidate for mercy.

Launching an effective character-reference letter writing campaign requires a lot of thought and deliberation. It may sound easy. But doesn’t it sound easy to create any marketing campaign? Think of some of the most effective marketing messages:

  • Just Do It!
  • Think Different
  • The Ultimate Driving Machine
  • All The News that’s Fit to Print
  • Fair and Balanced

You may or may not know all of those marketing messages. But there is a good chance that you know some of them. The reason, of course, is that business executives poured millions of dollars into creating campaigns to drive home that message and influence buying decisions.

Shouldn’t you invest time, energy, and resources to build your message? Shouldn’t your judge know the reasons why you’re worthy of mercy?

Buy Character Reference Course for $97

Who Should Write a Character Reference Letter?

Get our Character Reference Course to Learn More!

Anyone that faces any type of hearing where a judge will make a determination would benefit from our Character-Reference course. For example:

Driving Under the Influence:

I’ve been charged with a DUI, would I benefit from your character-reference course? Yes. In some states, driving under the influence can result in imprisonment and the loss of driving privileges. For some professions, a DUI can result in the loss of licenses and livelihood. Our character-reference course can help.



I’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, do I really need to go through a character-reference course? Yes. Authorities charged Denzel Washington with misdemeanor tax evasion. A judge sentenced him to serve three, consecutive, one-year terms in federal prison. In this era of mass incarceration, even movie stars face severe punishments. A character-reference course may help influence better outcomes.



I’ve been charged with felony crimes that could keep me in prison for many years. Is there anything I can do? Yes. You can learn everything there is to know about preparing for the best possible outcome. Invest the time and energy to help the judge fully grasp why you’re worthy of mercy. Our character-reference course should be a part of multi-tiered approach.

We’re convinced that any person scheduled to appear before a sentencing judge would benefit from our character-reference course.

Buy Character Reference Course for $97

What's Inside the Character Reference Course?

Get everything you need to launch an effective character-reference letter-writing campaign, including:

  1. Participants in the course will get lessons we’ve learned from interviewing federal judges. We asked them to help us understand their perceptions on character-reference letters, and we included all we learned in writing our course.
  2. Participants get access to references and case studies that show the outcome for others that have faced sentencing. Some of those people invested time and energy to build an effective character-reference letter strategy. Some chose not to prepare, and they weren’t so pleased with the outcome. 
  3. Participants receive templates that they can send to prospective people that may write character-reference letters.
  4. Participants receive nine, sample character-reference letters that have led to the best possible outcome for our clients.
  5. Videos where we teach how to coach others on writing effective character-reference letters.

The course also dispels many myths and misperceptions about character-reference letters. For example, many people that have not gone through our course believe:

  • That they’re supposed to provide the judge with testimonials from influential people. Wrong!
  • That they’re supposed to provide the judge with hundreds of testimonials. Wrong!
  • That the character-reference letters should explain why it’s not fair that you’re involved in these criminal-justice proceedings. Wrong!
  • That the judge should not sentence you to prison. Wrong!

Our Character-Reference course will present you with clear steps you can take to advance an effective campaign. The character-reference letters you receive should become an integral part of the sentence-mitigation effort you make. Taken together, your letters will help you build an effective story for your judge, showing why you’re worthy of mercy.

Will this character-reference course result in a lower sentence?

We don’t have any idea what will happen at your sentencing hearing. We don’t know anything about the charges brought against you, about the evidence the prosecutor will present, about the effectiveness of your defense attorney, or about other factors that will influence the judge’s decision. All that we know is that judges that have told us that they want to know about the people they’re about to sentence. And a character-reference campaign should be an essential component of a strategy to help the judge learn more about why you’re worthy of mercy.

Buy Character Reference Course for $97

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