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Could a Personal Video Show Your Judge Why You’re Worthy of Mercy?

Dear Resilient Course Visitor:

Have authorities targeted you for prosecution? Have you been charged with a crime? Have you been convicted?

If so, you may want to create a video that profiles more about your life. You’ve heard the cliche, telling us that a picture says more than a 1,000 words. Similarly, a video may say more than 1,000 pictures.

You can count on investigators and prosecutors to make a strong case against you. They will rely upon witnesses, victims, loss levels, and other factors to sway decision makers. 

Ultimately, people expect prosecutors to make a powerful case. They want to balance the scales in their favor. After all, they measure success with convictions and severe sentences. 

Your mitigation video can counter balance the picture that prosecutors work so hard to portray. In some cases, a mitigation video may even influence the way that prosecutors choose to bring charges.

Videos can humanize a defendant, showing aspects of his life that could not otherwise be brought into the courtroom.

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Discussing Sentencing Prep with Dr. Phil

Justin Paperny and Dr. Phil discuss four salient points every person should consider when preparing for sentencing.


Many professionals use videos to help tell the story. Managers and agents for professional athletes use video to highlight their clients. We see them frequently. Google the name of most any college athlete you admire, and the chances are that someone created a highlight reel.

Why go through the time and expense of creating a highlight reel? Because an effective video will accomplish several goals for an athlete. It’s one thing to write about statistics, contributions, and performance levels. It’s quite another to show a brief video clip that highlights the athlete in action. A great video can get the attention of intended audiences—decision makers that can offer tryouts, scholarships, or contracts.

As a target for prosecution, a defendant in a criminal case, or a person that faces a sentencing hearing, you do not want a “highlight” reel that shows gimmicks. You need to create a custom video that will tell a story. Your story should show you as a human being, helping to elicit empathy from your audience—the judge.

Think of your mitigation video as an opportunity to bring the judge into your life. There’s an old saying telling us that, “But for the grace of God, there go I.” Your goal will be to help the judge understand and grasp that there were influences in your life. And those influences led to your current predicament. The more your judge understands about you, the more likely your judge will be to have mercy.

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If I have a defense attorney and your other tools, should I still have a video?

Think of a sentence-mitigation video as one resource in your comprehensive sentence-mitigation strategy. Your video cannot and should not be everything. 

Obviously, you will have a defense attorney. Hopefully, your defense attorney will fight valiantly to build a powerful case for mercy. You may also choose to work through our Sentencing Prep course. In that program, you’ll learn how to articulate remorse in ways that may move the needle at sentencing. Your narrative will give the judge an opportunity to read what you have to say about the predicament you’re in.

You also may choose to work through our character-reference course. This program provides you with another resource. Those that work through the program effectively will present the judge with additional facts to consider. Rather than reading what you’ve learned from the experience, the judge will learn from people that know you best. Since those people have close relationships with you, they may counter accusations or insinuations that prosecutors make about your not being a good person.

A video will help the judge see what you’re not able to convey with words on a page. Your video will be a well-scripted resource that highlights positive attributes, but also shows more about your story.

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How Long is an Effective Sentence-Mitigation Video?

When thinking about a sentence-mitigation video, it’s important to consider the purpose. We’re not making a feature-length film. Basically, we’re creating a video for an audience of one. By keeping in mind what we know about the sentencing judge, we know that the video should range somewhere between seven minutes, and 15 minutes in length. 

Why only seven to fifteen minutes?

  • We know the judge is a highly educated professional and he will not be susceptible to gimmicks or swindling,
  • We know the judge works closely with prosecutors and may begin from a biased perspective,
  • We know the judge values time and will not want to watch longer clips that present the same message,

Considering your very specific audience, the sentence-mitigation video should strive to accomplish four, clearly-defined goals:

  1. Show empathy: Our sentence-mitigation expert will help you tell a story that shows your appreciation for the victim’s loss.
  2. Show remorse: Our sentence-mitigation expert will help you express remorse. We anticipate that the prosecutor will say you’re sorry because you got caught. Your video will show your humanity and, if we’re successful, connect with the judge.
  3. Show lessons learned: By collaborating with our sentence-mitigation expert, we will craft a script to convey what you’ve learned from this experience.
  4. Show Reconciliation: Our sentence-mitigation expert will work closely with you to show the steps you’ve been taking to reconcile with society and to make things right.
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What Take-away Will the Judge Have After Watching the Sentence-Mitigation Video?

At the sentencing stage, the judge likely knows a great deal about the crime. People expects prosecutors and accusers to focus on the negative. Our sentence-mitigation expert will work with you to tell a story, showing the complexities of your life. 

By watching the video, the judge will see that you’re much more than the criminal charge or conviction. Through pictures and you on camera, the judge will see you as a human being that is worthy of empathy, and possibly mercy.

Your video will discuss your past and how you got to this stage in your life. It will show your positive traits and hopefully influence or even change perceptions. By working closely together with you, our sentence-mitigation expert will help you craft a believable story that may move the needle at sentencing.

Creating an effective sentence-mitigation video, our sentence-mitigation team must collaborate closely with you. 

The process follows:

  1. Questionnaire: We begin with a questionnaire that our team will send to learn more about your experience. 
  2. Gathering Digital Assets: Our team will request you to gather digital assets that we can use to strengthen the case—ideally, we want to show still images or video clips that help the judge see you in your environment. 
  3. Video Shoot: Depending upon budgets, we will either gather footage remotely by using a computer screen-share service or your own computer, or our team will film you on location. 
  4. Editing Video: Our team of professional video editors will use all of the footage to build your customized sentence-mitigation video.
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