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Prison to Home Confinement

The COVID-19 pandemic has made prisons unsafe. Learn what you can do to build a persuasive campaign to transfer your loved one to home confinement.

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People Facing Sentencing or Prison

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Our Character Reference course will help people write effective reference letters for your judge. Learn strategies that work.

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If you or a loved one is facing time in prison, or you want to get inspired, buy our books today.

Lessons from Prison

Justin shares his story of transitioning from stockbroker to federal prison, revealing the lessons he learned. Get insight for minimum-security camp.

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Earning Freedom: Memoir

Learn the strategies that Michael used to stay motivated and grow while serving a 45-year prison term. Get techniques that will help you thrive.

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Prison! My 8,344th Day

A typical day during Michael's 23rd year of imprisonment. He shows how critical thinking contributes to success, and offers advice for others.

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Prepare for Sentencing

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Success after Prison

Learn how decisions in prison led to more than $1 million in assets for Michael after he finished 26 years inside, and you can succeed too.

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Triumph! Straight-A Guide

Learn the power of making values-based, goal-oriented decisions. Our programs help more than 100,000 people prepare for success.

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Inside: Life Behind Bars

Michael's vivid descriptions of life in high-security prisons, and then transitioning to lower-security prisons and camps.

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Success the Straight-A Guide

Strategies and tactics at-risk youth may consider to begin preparing for success. Lessons on making values-based, goal-oriented decisions

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Law Man: Shon's Memoir

Shon Hopwood tells his story of robbing banks, getting convicted, and training to become a lawyer while serving more than a decade in prison.

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Ethics in Motion: Justin's Teaching

Justin Paperny reveals lessons he learned through a consulting practice he built, helping people convicted of white-collar crimes.

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